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Lamjung Campus

Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences (IAAS), one of the five institutes in TU is and an autonomous academic center for agriculture, animal science and veterinary science. Lamjung Campus is one of the four constituent campuses within IAAS. Situated at Sundarbazar-7, Lamjung, it is the hotspot of agriculture studies in the western region. Lamjung Campus was established in 2032 B.S. as an agriculture training center and later on developed into higher education center. Lamjung Campus initiated B.Sc. Ag. program in 2059 B.S. for the initial two years and IAAS is an autonomous academic center of TU. IAAS is an autonomous academic center of TU and initiated full-fledged 4-years B.Sc. Ag. program since 2066 B.S.

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Message from
Campus Chief

Dear Students and Gurdians,

Lamjung College was established in 2032B.S. and intends to be a prestigious deemed technical university committed to be a teaching-learning, research, and extension excellence in the area of agriculture, livestock, and natural resource management to develop knowledgeful, skillful, and leading human resources and institution for the agricultural development in Nepal and elsewhere in the world.

We believe in the perfection that exists in each student, faculties, and staff that can be manifested through the right guidance on the part of the college. There is a spark of genius in every graduating student which needs a faculty to kindle it. We as facilitators of the teaching-learning process try to imbibe in our students the values of research, education, and communication with the best honest, hard-working, curious with the spirit to be the best achiever in the field of agriculture and natural resource management which help them to make the world even in a better place to live in.

We thank students, parents, and guardians for choosing Lamjung college as a dais for their learning platforms and hope  that they will spend quality time in the teaching-learning process and understands the college policies to achieve its vision, mission, goal, and objectives to make it one of the best learning platforms in the country.

We wish all graduating students to take higher on the ladder of success. Let us work together and innovate towards a better future.

Dr. Narayan Neupane
Goto Gallery